2nd August, 2020 by Michael Lofgren


Hi everyone,

It’s been great to get our PVL training up and running again over the last few weeks, particularly as we returned to our main venue at The Gap SHS on Tuesday for the first time since March. This has only been achievable through the great efforts of our volunteers, so I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved in our COVID and Return to Play activities. Unfortunately our General and JTP trainings have not yet been able to start due to venue arrangements, but we hope that will happen soon.

Attached is a link to our updated safety information sheets for Members and Parents, and for Coaches and COVID-Safety Officers. Hopefully everyone is becoming familiar with our new safety measures, including entry/exit arrangements, sanitisers, cleaning procedures, signing in, etc., but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask one of the COVID-Safety Officers and/or coaching team.

In particular, I’d like to remind everyone that:

  • if you are unwell or have any COVID symptoms, no matter how minor;
  • if you have had any contact with a confirmed COVID case;
  • if you have been in a ‘high risk’ area such as Victoria or parts of NSW;

then please don’t come to volleyball until you know you are okay. The disappointment of missing one training or game is not worth the consequences for you, your teammates, the club, and the wider community, as we have seen by recent examples occurring in South Brisbane. Do let your coach know that you can’t attend though – missing training due to illness will not affect your place in the team or club.

In particular, if you were present at any of these locations at the relevant times, please immediately self-quarantine and contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84). And do not train/play until you are cleared by a medical professional.

With that all said, good luck to all of our Senior PVL teams playing the first round of PVL this weekend!

Kind Regards,

Michael Lofgren
Dragons Volleyball Association

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