12th January  by Michael Lofgren


Hi everyone,

We have now received some updates on the messaging around masks. To save going through the details, what that means is:

  1. Athletes may remove their mask while actually training/playing volleyball.
  2. When not actively training (eg before and after training while in the hall), athletes should wear a mask.
  3. COVID Safety Officers and non-player coaches will have to wear a mask at all times.





11th January  by Michael Lofgren


Hi everyone,

As I'm sure you are aware, Greater Brisbane exits from its three-day lockdown tonight. While that has gone very well so far, the government has placed a new set of restrictions that apply for the next 10 days (until 1am 22nd January), including requirements on wearing masks in indoor recreational areas.

What that means for us as volleyballers:

  1. Training this week will go ahead.
  2. If you decide to attend, you will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the Sports Hall (except while drinking water).
  3. Due to the heightened risk, I will ask you to increase your vigilance regarding social distancing while at training, and sanitising when entering the venue and during training when the opportunity presents.
  4. As usual, please follow the normal rules such as not attending if you have symptoms, tested positive, been a close contact or in a hotspot, etc.

I appreciate that wearing a mask while training may be challenging, and while I'm prepared to give it a shot, some of you may prefer to stay home. If you normally attend general training but won't be this time, please let me know by a quick email.

As next week's training will also fall within the 10 day period, whether next week's training goes ahead will depend on how this week's training goes.

Kind Regards,

Michael Lofgren
Dragons Volleyball Association

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