Dragons Academy

What is Dragons Academy?

Dragons Academy is a high performance and high intensity training development program for high school and tertiary age players. It is a structured and holistic year-long program offered to athletes from 14 to 22 year olds. This program covers volleyball training, coaching development, officiating, strength & conditioning, team building activities. Knowledge-based sessions such as sports nutrition, sports psychology, etc., are also incorporated into the program on an ad-hoc basis.

This is a training-only program, players must trial and be assessed to meet selection criteria to be considered. Players accepted in this program are expected to commit to the calendar year (during school terms). This program does not entail any competitions. Dragons Academy is seperate to other programs such as High School Training, Premier Volleybal League, etc.

Dragons Academy is more than just a training program. The program aims to develop athletes not only in the physical aspect of the sport but also in guiding you in your lifelong learning to build character such as broadening your knowledge, cultivating self-discipline, tenacity, teamwork, leadership skills, and fostering growth mindset. Utmost discipline and respect for each other in the program are the non-negotiables at Dragons Academy.

How often are the training sessions?

During non-PVL season (usually terms 1 and 4), players will attend 2 sessions a week. During PVL season (usually terms 2 and 3), players will attend 1 session a week. Each session is about 1.5 hours.

Where are trainings held?

Academy trainings are run at The Gap State High School (terms 1 and 4) and Ferny Grove State High School (terms 2 and 3). This program is not run at Richlands East State School.

I am with another club and would like to remain with my club for PVL. Can I still trial/join Dragons Academy?

You absolutely can! This program is open to anyone from any clubs and/or schools with no obligation to play PVL with Dragons. It is all about supporting you as an individual throughout your volleyball development journey.

How can I join Academy?

All players (members and non-members) must register to trial to be considered. Players are assessed against the program's selection criteria and there are limited places for each skill group. It is common that some players may not receive an offer should the player not meet the selection criteria and/or if the skill group is full.

We accept registrations anytime during the year however players will attend trials during the trial period of each term. You will receive details via email.

What is the difference between Academy and High School Training (HST)?

Whist both are training-only programs,Academy demands higher expectation on players' discipline, commitment to full-year, higher level of skills, knowledge and competitiveness. Players who do not meed the expectations or selection criteria will not be offered a place in the program. HST is for everyone, a more relaxed environment to learn, improve, have fun, and offers players the flexibility to sign on term-by-term basis. See High School Training for information.

I have missed signing up main trial in term 4 2023 for 2024 intake. Can I still register to trial?

Yes you can! See "Academy 2024 Details".

Do I still have to pay for the full year if I join late?

A pro-rated fee for the rest of the year will be offered for those who join late. However acceptance into the program is pending available places in the program.

Will there be any refunds if I cannot commit to one of the school terms?

Refund is only considered for extreme and extenuating circumstances as approved by the club. Players who are unable to commit to the full load for a specific school term may negotiate a reduced training load or other alternatives with the Head Coach. If you are unable to commit to the full year during school terms, we recommend you consider our High School Training program which will allow you to sign up on a term-by-term basis.

Volleyball Queensland (VQ) Membership

As an affiliate club with Volleyball Queensland, each player must have a current Volleyball Queensland membership to participate in our programs. Academy requires a minimum membership level of 'Recreational', but the member could also have 'Full' membership. Once accepted into the program and registered, we will direct you to the Volleyball Queensland membership page, so that you can get that sorted. Please see VQ Membership Requirements for more information.

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Academy 2024 Trials Details:

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