High School Training (HST)

What is High School Training?

Our High School Training program, which is part of our Junior Programs, is designed primarily for high schoolers to learn and develop the skills of volleyball. This program is great for players currently training in schools and looking for extra trainings, or are simply new to the sport and looking for a club to learn the sport. We have multiple levels of the program catering for beginners through to those who are seeking more advanced skill development. Players are grouped based on skill level instead of age/school year levels.

We welcome Year 6 players to sign up for HST (instead of Spikezone) however acceptance into HST will be determined upon trialling and assessed by coaches.

HST provides the opportunity to progress towards our more advanced Junior Programs such as Junior Premier Volleyball League (JPVL) and Dragons Academy, of which many of our JPVL and Academy players have also progressed to become state and/or national represnetatives. For those who are looking for more advanced by social programs, HST also provides the opportunity to progress towards our General Training and Metro League.

When and where is training?

Training runs during school terms 1 to 4 and also over summer holidays (December-January), giving you the flexibility to sign up on a term-by-term basis and for the number of sessions each week. Training times are usually 6pm-7.30pm or 7.30pm-9pm. Training venues are the following:

  • The Gap State High School (core junior development venue for all skill levels)
  • Ferny Grove State High School (core junior development venue for Beginners and Development groups)
  • Richlands East State School (social junior development venue for Beginners and Development groups)

Can my child try out/trial?

Absolutely! We ask that all newcomers register to try out. Our coaches will assess players' skill levels and allocate players to the suitable skill group - Beginners, Foundation, Development, Intermediate, Advanced. If your child will continue for the rest of the term, the first session is payable as part of the term fee. If you decide not to continue after trying out, there is no fee involved for the one trial session attended.

Can we start mid-season? Are there any places left? What if it is full?

You can register any time of the term provided capacity allows. See the term details (or just attempt to register) to find out if there are any places left. If you can't register for the event, add yourself to the waiting list - places often open up, especially early in the term.

I've registered my child for High School Training - What now?

Once you have registered, all you need to do is attend the next training/trial per your registration, and advise the lead coach that you are there for the first time.

Volleyball Queensland (VQ) Membership

As an affiliate club with Volleyball Queensland, each player must have a current Volleyball Queensland membership to participate in our programs. HST requires a minimum membership level of 'Recreational', but the member could also have 'Full' membership. Following registration for the Junior Program, we will direct you to the Volleyball Queensland membership page, so that you can get that sorted. Please see VQ Membership Requirements for more information.

2024 Term 2 Information:

Information such as schedule, venues, fees, registration, etc., see HERE.


Future Terms:

Information such as schedule, venue and registration are usually published 1-2 weeks before the term starts.