WHAT WE OFFER - Junior Programs


Volleyball Queensland (VQ) Membership

As an affiliate club with Volleyball Queensland (VQ), all players participating in Dragons activities MUST have a current and valid VQ membership. Following registration of any Junior Programs, you will be directed to the VQ membership page so that you can apply/renew/upgrade your VQ membership. See VQ Membership for details. Your registration for Dragons activities may be cancelled at the club's discretion should you not have a current and/or valid VQ membership.

Spikezone Training

Spikezone is a great way for young primary school-aged boys and girls (Years 4-6) to get involved in volleyball. Spikezone is played on a smaller-sized court with a lower net height and softer volleyball. In this program, young kids will learn the basic fundamentals of the sport and play modifed games on the smaller court. It is all about fun for young kids!

Spikezone is part of our Junior Program. Check out the Spikezone page for more details.

High School Training

High School Training (HST) is for high school-aged children (Years 7-12) of all skill levels. There are several levels in this program - Beginners, Development, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite. This program allows athletes to develop volleyball skills whilst providing a pathway to more advanced programs and competitions.

HST is part of our Junior Program. Check out the High School Training page for details.

Dragons Academy

Dragons Academy is a competitive and high level training development program for high school and tertiary aged players aged 14 to 22. Players who are keen to be considered into this program must trial to be assessed. This is opened to Dragons and non-Dragons members.

Check out the Academy page for details.

Premier Volleyball League (PVL)

This is a club representative competition organised by Volleyball Queensland running from April to September. There are 3 age groups--Under 19, Under 17 and Under 15 in both boys and girls categories, as well as the Tier 2 - Junior division. All participants will need to trial to be considered for a Dragons team.

Check out the PVL page for details.




Juniors are able to participate in a number of tournaments throughout the year including Dragons' own Flaming Chalice.

Check out pages for Flaming Chalice and Tournaments for more details.

School Holiday Programs

A short (normally 5 week) version of Spikezone and High School Training are offered over Summer Holidays (summer term). Check out Spikezone and High School Training in late November for details.