ABOUT - Who are we?

Dragons Volleyball is one of the largest and oldest indoor volleyball associations in Queensland.  

We participate in local indoor volleyball competitions and also tournaments throughout the eastern states of Australia.

We cater for all levels of players from those just looking for a bit of fun right through to those who are seriously competitive and even representing their State/Country.

Dragons has training programs and competitions, including bespoke programs, for kids as young as 8 through to adults as old as 60 and above.

We host our own Flaming Chalice tournament - currently the largest club hosted volleyball tournament in Queensland.

Some of our members turn their skills to coaching not only club members, but also school and representative teams.

While our members are passionate about their volleyball and love to be competitive, the club fosters an attitude of fairness, fun, and friendship.

The club is this year celebrating our 30 year anniversary.