ABOUT - Club History

Dragons was started by David and Peter Kelly in 1987 when they entered one men's team in Division 2 of the Brisbane Metro League. In 1990, Dragons, Arrows, Griffith Uni, and Wests joined to form the Westside Rebels Volleyball Association. This didn't last long, as Dragons left Rebels and formed Dragons Volleyball Association in 1991. This was also the year of the first Flaming Chalice.

By 1992, the club was gaining strength - they won two places at the Good Neighbour tournament. The club was developing a strong social aspect as well. 1993 held the first of many 'Soccer and Softball Barbeques'. It was a big year with Dragons men dominating Metro Div 2 winning every season and being voted Affiliate of the Year by VQ.

Records from 1994 show Dragons and volleyball were extremely strong at the time as Dragons ran its own Division 2 AND Division 3 competitions, attended and did well at World Masters games, Grafton (we were going right back then), Annual Tour and Good Neighbour Games.

Over the years, Dragons continues to show its presence across South East Queensland as well as Northern New South Wales by:

- hosting and participating in Flaming Chalice, which is now the second largest club run tournament in Australia (with over 90 teams participating each year)
- competing in Premier Volleyball League, Junior Premier Volleyball League and Metro League (typically entering over 10 teams each year)
- attending every tournament there is, including Grafton's Jacaranda Tournament, Toowoomba's Clash of the Titans and VQ's Club Championships, and
- continuing to provide top quality fun for players of all levels and ages.