PVL Junior Teams Season Info - 2023

  • Premier Junior trials will take place with U19 trials.
  • Premier Junior will compete in the Senior PVL season on Sundays.
  • Junior PVL (U19, U17 & U15) will compete on Fridays.

Please read below important information before checking out trial information here.

Key Dates

These dates may be subject to change.

Item Premier Junior U19, U17, U15

Sunday, 19 Feb
Saturday, 4 Mar
Sunday, 5 Mar

Sunday, 19 Feb
Saturday, 4 Mar
Sunday, 5 Mar

Provisional Team and Shadow Players announced

Approx 12-15 March Approx 12-15 March

Player registration AND VQ Membership renewal due (including Shadow Players)


Friday 31 March


Friday 31 March

Training starts Week of 13 March Week of 21 March
Upfront Season Payments Sunday 30 April Sunday 30 April

Round 1

Sunday 23 April Friday 5th May
Flaming Chalice*

(long weekend)
29 April - 1 May

(long weekend)
29 April - 1 May

Junior State Championships*
(see VQ website for info)

Sat & Sun
24 & 25 June

Sat & Sun
24 & 25 June

Payment Plans Completed Friday 14 July Friday 14 July


Sunday 3 September Friday 1 September

Grand Finals (all teams)

Sunday 10 September Sunday 10 September
Senior State Championships*
(see VQ website for info)
(long weekend)
30 Sep - 2 Oct
Not applicable

Dragons End of Season Event

Saturday 7 October (TBC)

Saturday 7 October (TBC)

* Additional fees apply.


  • Premier Junior: Once a week on weeknights for 2 hours (between 6 and 9.30pm) INCLUDING school holidays at The Gap SHS.
  • U19, U17 & U15: Once a week between Monday to Thursday for 1.5 hours (either 6-7.30pm or 7.30-9pm) EXCLUDING school holidays at The Gap SHS or Ferny Grove SHS.

Training schedule will be provided to players selected in teams and Shadow players when provisional teams are annouced. Schedule will also be published in the website.

Shadow Players

Shadow Players will be selected during trials and will train with the squad during pre-season before Round 1. In the event a spot becomes available in a team, the coaches will select suitable Shadow Players to fill the spot. All Shadow Players must register and pay the Shadow Player fee to train with the squad and to be considered for teams if the opportunity arises. Should a Shadow Player be placed in a team, they will pay the difference between the Shadow Player fee and the full season fee.


  • Premier Junior:
  • U19, U17, & U15:

We strongly recommend you see the 2023 PVL Calendar in the Volleyball Queensland website HERE (under PVL Resources) for dates and venues of all Premier Junior and JPVL rounds.


Fees required from each member are outlined below. Payment may be made by a number of methods including credit/debit card, bank deposit, and payment plan. Each player requires Dragons membership, VQ membership, and a PVL jersey (you can re-use your Dragons PVL jersey if you already have one).

 Premier Junior 2023 season fee
(covers training and games)

JPVL 2023 season fee
(covers training and games)
 Volleyball QLD 2023 membership
('Full' level required)
 PVL Jersey $45
Dragons shorts (Men/Boys only) $36

Other Information

Club Expectations of our Members

Please see Conditions of Membership for our formal conditions of membership that every member must agree to before becoming a member of the club. In essence this boils down to:

  1. Play nicely with everyone, especially our younger members.
  2. Fulfil your commitments (registrations, payments, games, duties) when possible, and seek help/let us know when you can't.
  3. Display sportsmanship at all times.
  4. Respect the opposition teams and officials at all times.
  5. Fulfil your commitments (registrations, payments, games, duties) as best as you can, and get in touch with our coaches in advance when you can't.

Additional points specific to junior teams:

  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes to set up and get ready so training can start on-time.
  2. We are unable to take responsibility for any issues that may occur outside of the training time and venue. Our duty of care towards the child is during training session times and inside the training venue. For safety reasons, we recommend juniors wait inside the sports hall for parents to pick them up from there.
  3. There is zero tolerance with any form of bullying and vulgarity in any of our junior activities. We ask junior players to be mindful with your choice of words and posting photos/videos of others in social media platforms.
  4. Proper sports-wear and indoor court shoes must be worn to train and play! Spaghetti strap singlets (for girls) and denim are considered not suitable for indoor volleyball, especially for safety reasons.

Volleyball Queensland (VQ) Membership

As an affiliate club with Volleyball Queensland, each player must have a current Volleyball Queensland membership to participate in our programs. PVL requires a minimum membership level of 'Full'. Following registration for the PVL event, we will direct you to the Volleyball Queensland membership page, so that you can get that sorted. Please see VQ Membership Requirements for more information.


All players will receive email on trial outcomes. If you are offered a place in a team, you must accept the offer, register for PVL 2023, and renew/apply your VQ membership.

Team/Squad Lists:

See here.

Training Schedule

Players who are registered for the season will be advised.

Training Venues

The Gap State High School
Address: 1020 Waterworks Road, The Gap
Access: Car park and sports hall map

Ferny Grove State High School
Address: 26 McGinn Rd, Ferny Grove
Entrance: Entrance
Site Map: Car park and sports hall map

Match Venues

Brisbane SHS, Kelvin Grove SC, Marsden SHS, Redlands College, The Gap SHS, Boondall Sports Centre

Match Schedule

See the Draw in VQ website

More Info:

Contact us for:

  • more information
  • you can't make training or games
  • you'd like to coach, referee, or help out in some way
  • any concerns regarding PVL training or games