PVL Junior Teams Season Info - 2022


  • Premier Junior: Starts mid March INCLUDING term breaks.
  • U19, U17 and U15: Starts late March, EXCLUDING term breaks.

1.5 hours in the evening once per week, between Monday and Thursday, at either 6pm - 7.30pm or 7.30pm - 9pm. Training schedule will be provided to players who are selected in the squad/teams and players selected as Shadow Players.

Shadow Players

Shadow Players are selected to train with the squad, and to fill positions in the event that a selected player chooses not to accept their place in the team. Once Shadow Players register and pay the Shadow Player fee ($75), they will continue to train with the squad for the 5 training sessions between trials and Round 1. If ultimately invited to join the team for the season, Shadow Player will pay the difference between the Shadow Player fees and full season fees.


Premier Junior: Games are on Sundays following the Senior PVL season (see below for dates). Game times vary subject to the draw. This year the format is also changed, to be same as all SPVL division. Best of 5 sets, untimed. Games will be played mostly within Brisbane, with a few rounds at Gold Coast.

U19, U17 and U15:  Games are on Friday evenings (see below for dates), with some Friday nights no games. Game times vary subject to the draw. The format is compulsory 3 sets, within a time of 60 minutes. All round games and semi-finals will be played in Brisbane, with Grand Finals at Gold Coast.

See the 2022 PVL Calendar in the Volleyball Queensland website HERE (under PVL Resources).


Fees required from each member are outlined below. Payment may be made by credit card, debit card, bank deposit, or payment plan. Each player requires Dragons membership, VQ membership, and a PVL jersey.

Fee information applicable for Premier Junior and JPVL (U19, U17 and U15):

 Dragons Prem Junior/JPVL 2022 season fee
(covers training and games) PLUS
 Volleyball QLD membership
('Full' level required) PLUS
 PVL Jersey
(if a new one is needed, noting new design from 2021)

Key Dates

Item Due Dates

Trial registration

Registration is now closed as our trials has concluded.

Trial dates
(There are 3 sessions for each division. Recommend attending all as preference)

See trial info at
PVL Junior Team Trials Info
and sign up - 2022

Provisional Team, Squad and Shadow Players announced


Wednesday 15 March

Season/Shadow Player* Registration + VQ Registrations

*Shadow Players for JPVL only


Saturday 19 March

(You MUST register before attending squad/team training)

Season Upfront Payments

Saturday 16 April

Training starts
(Premier Junior)

Week starting 14 March
(includes April school term break)

Training starts

Week starting 28 March
(exclude school term break, EXCEPT term 2 break, there will be training between 4-8 April).

Round 1

Premier Junior: 24 April
JPVL: 6 May

Junior State Championships (U19, U17, U15 only)
(See VQ website for info)

Saturday and Sunday, 25 to 26 June
Note: Nomination fees apply

Payment Plans Completed Friday 15 July

PVL Semi-finals

JPVL: Friday 2 September
Prem Junior: Sunday 4 September

PVL Grand Finals (all teams)

Sunday 11 September

Senior State Championships
(See VQ website for info)

Saturday to Monday, 1 to 3 October (Long weekend)

Senior State Championships
(Prem Junior only)
(See VQ website for info)

1-3 October (long weekend)
Note: Nomination fees apply

Dragons End of Season Celebration Night


Other Information

Club Expectations of our Members

Please see Conditions of Membership for our formal conditions of membership that every member must agree to before becoming a member of the club. In essence this boils down to:

  1. Play nicely with everyone, but especially our younger members.
  2. Meet your commitments (registrations, payments, showing up for games) when possible, and seek help/let us know when you can’t.

Some additional points specific to junior teams:

  1. Be punctual: That means arriving at least 15 minutes before training start time, to allow time for putting on shoes/gear, filling up water bottle, etc.
  2. Leaving the training venue before/during training session: We are unable to take any responsibility for any issues that may occur outside of the training venue before/during training session times (eg, if a member decides to leave training early or during training session).

  3. Leaving the training venue at the end of training: For safety reasons, we recommend juniors wait inside the sports hall for parents to pick them up from there. Our duty of care towards (the child) is during training session times and inside the training venue.

  4. Language: There is zero tolerance with vulgarity in any of our junior programs. Please be mindful with your choice of words.

  5. Dress code: Wear appropriate sports attire. Sports singlets are acceptable. Denum and/or spaghetti strap singlets are considered inappropriate for indoor volleyball, especially for safety reasons.

Volleyball Queensland (VQ) Membership

As an affiliate club with Volleyball Queensland, each player must have a current Volleyball Queensland membership to participate in our programs. PVL requires a minimum membership level of 'Full'. Following registration for the PVL event, we will direct you to the Volleyball Queensland membership page, so that you can get that sorted. Please see VQ Membership Requirements for more information.


If you have already been selected into a team, you may register here:



Training Venues

Ferny Grove State High School and The Gap State High School.

Match Venues

Iona College, Kelvin Grove SC, Redlands College, The Gap SHS, Boondall Sports Centre, Gold Coast Sports & Leisure Centre


Provisional Team/Squad Lists

Match Schedule

See the Draw (in VQ website)


More Info:

Contact us for:

  • more information
  • you can't make training or games
  • you'd like to coach, referee, or help out in some way
  • any concerns regarding PVL training or games