Metro League

What is Metro League?

The Metro League is a VQ competition provided for those that don't want quite the same level of seriousness and intensity as is found in Premier League. While it is a step above the social competitions around Brisbane, for most people at Dragons this is the entry level of competition.

This competition has been running for many years, and we commonly field 2-3 men's teams and 1-2 women's teams at a variety of different skill levels.

While generally we recommend you look for info on our page first (as it may have information specific to Dragons teams in addition to the draw), VQ's Metro Page may sometimes be helpful.

For any other information contact Steph Hayden.

2018 Season 3 (Spring)     



Monday, 6:30pm to 9:30pm at Anglican Church Grammar School


Thursday nights, 7pm to 9:30pm at Corinda State High School


Season: 27 August to 3 December


$130 Metro Season Fee

PLUS $40 VQ Registration (if required)

PLUS $45 Jersey (if required)

Club Membership also required
eg $170 Basic - Senior Package

More Info:

Click here to access the Metro 2018 Welcome Sheet