Frequently Asked Questions

Nominations and Payments

How do I enter a team?

Download a registration form from the main Chalice webpage. Fill it out, and send it by email to the Chalice tournament director as shown on the form. Make sure you pay the fee as described, as the nomination is only accepted once we have proof the payment is in our bank account.


How do I guarantee my team's place in the tournament?

There are no absolute guarantees, however, nominating and paying as soon as possible will give you the best chance. We do have limits on court space and resources, and once that fills up then we unfortunately have to refuse nominations.

Make sure the tournament director has received your application by either receiving a confirmation email or by checking your team's name and division on the 'Nominated Teams' list.

How do the cutoff dates work? There are two right?

Yes that's right. The first date is three weeks out from the tournament, and we use the teams nominated at this time for planning to make sure we have enough staff, court time, equipment for a successful tournament. Teams that nominate after the first cutoff must pay a $60 late fee (per team) on top of the normal nomination. Teams pulling out after nominating at this time will get a refund minus $60.

Two weeks out from the tournament is the second and final cutoff date. Immediately after this cutoff we start the complicated process of creating, checking and publishing the draw. We will generally only accept nominations at this time if another team has pulled out and it will save us from changing the draw. Needless to say, any teams that pull out after the draw is made will completely forfeit their payment.


Sometimes I hear that teams come in really late, so why can't mine?

Teams will only be accepted after the final cutoff date if it is convenient for the tournament. That generally only happens if another team has pulled out and we are looking for a team to replace them in the existing draw.

Division selection

Who can play in the age-based teams?

A volleyballer who turns 19+ in this calendar year (1st January to 31st December) may NOT play in an under 19 division. Anyone turning 18 (or less) in the calendar year may play in an under 19 division. So someone who is 18 at the time of Chalice but turning 19 in August of the same year may not compete in the under 19 division. Same goes for other age-based divisions. If you think we should provide you with an exception, please contact the tournament director BEFORE that person plays... unless you are ok with being forfeited.


Can mixed teams enter?

Mixed teams can enter into the men's division 1 or 2, depending on ability. These teams will be competing against some fairly competitive men's teams, on a men's height net. If your team is up for the challenge, awesome!


What about masters teams?

Masters teams may enter the open-age division of their choosing.


Can I play in more than one team?

It depends. You may play in teams representing your club (eg Dragons), school (eg St Peters), region (eg Met West), and state (Queensland). If you want to play in different grades for the same club/school you must first ask the permission of the Tournament Director. Generally you will be allowed to play up in divisions but not down. Not seeking permission will generally result in a forfeit of your team.


Should I play in more than one team?

Each team will play anywhere from five to eight games over the weekend, and there are also duties to perform (roughly one every two games). If you play in two teams, there is a good chance you will have two games at the same time! Also your teams could easily be at different venues, so it will likely be difficult to play more than one or two games for your second team. Our advice is to pick one 'primary' team, and perhaps help out another team for one or two games if you can.


Can you tell me where my team will be playing?

We can tell you the venues that Chalice will be at, but we can't be more specific than that until the draw is created. We have three venues, and around 100 teams in 11 divisions of varying sizes. Who plays where and when will depend on how we can squeeze all the games in, and we won't know that until the draw is all done. Most divisions will be at more than one venue over the course of the weekend, though you will normally be at only one venue per day.

On my nomination form I asked for <some special consideration regarding the draw>, but this did not happen. Why not?

Many teams would like a late start, or an early finish, or have a player or two unavailable at a certain time, etc. With a packed schedule, while we try to help you out it is often difficult to accommodate all of these requests. We do try extra hard to cater for travelling teams (eg late starts) and the needs of teams in age-based divisions (eg early nights for younger divisions, and time during the weekend to study).

Edit: This year you can tell us whether your draw consideration is 'required' or 'preferred'. If you tick 'required', then we understand that if we can't meet your request that you will not be able to play and wish to be removed from the tournament.

It's not convenient for a representative of my team to attend the Captain's and Coaches meeting. Can we skip it?

Attending the meeting is optional, however if you do not attend we advise you to review the tournament info and rules before your first game, and also to check with the venue manager on arrival for any venue-specific rules or other information you need to know. It is the responsibility of your team to be across this information.

Got any other questions? Please contact the tournament director!