by Ben Cooper


Hi everyone,

No doubt you have been watching the news coverage concerning COVID-19 (the 'Coronavirus'), and may have some questions on how this will affect our volleyball programs.

At this stage, Dragons’ PVL trials and pre-season training will continue as scheduled, as will our other programs, but we need to implement a few important changes:

  1. If you have had any contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19, or if you have recently returned from overseas, please don’t attend trials/ training/ games for 2 weeks and let your coach/ captain know.  We will make arrangements to ensure that your selection is not affected.

  2. If you are sick for any reason, or please don’t attend trials/ training/ games and let your coach/ captain know.  Again, we will make arrangements to ensure that your selection is not affected.

  3. While at volleyball, please try to limit physical contact with other players.  This includes handshakes and slaps, hi fives, etc.  Teams are encouraged to get creative and come up with their own non-contact celebrations (for example, Volleyball Australia is introducing an ‘explosive fist pump’ instead of handshakes at the AJBVC next week).

  4. Please wash your hands properly before and after volleyball, and avoid touching your face, etc.  If you are able, please bring hand sanitiser for your own use.

Critically, it is important to follow any advice from your doctor and official government sources, which continue to be updated as the situation progresses.  The following links provide some general information in this regard:

Dragons takes the health of all our members, family, and friends seriously, and we count on your assistance to minimise the impact on COVID-19 on our sport.

Please remain aware that the situation is changing rapidly, but we will endeavour to communicate any further changes to our programs as we become aware of any developments.



Ben Cooper

Dragons Volleyball Association Inc.

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