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General Information

Tournament Rules

We have published the tournament rules, it is your team's responsibility to understand and comply with them.

A few in particular (that we always get asked about):

  • Timer/Light system – green (start), yellow (last 5 mins), red (stop/warmup), with siren on start and end of game.
  • Games that must have a result (crossovers) where sets and points are tied will be determined by the winner of the last point.
  • Ball/scoresheet – duty teams must collect and return scoresheets and match balls immediately to the tournament desk after the game finishes.
  • MVP - duty teams must complete MVP votes (3 points to winning team, 1 point to losing team)
  • Mixed teams allowed in men’s division 1-3.
  • Players must play two round-robin or cross-over games to qualify for Gold and Bronze medal matches.
  • Players may play for one team each of club, school, region and state. They may change after each set when these teams are playing each other, or within a set under exceptional substitution rules. If in doubt, ask.


The tournament is split into the following divisions:
Mens and Womens
 Div 1
 Div 2
 Div 3 (men only)
Boys and Girls
 Seniors (Grades 11-12 or ages 16-19)
 Intermediate (Grades 9-10 or ages 14-16)
 Junior (Grades 7-8 or ages 12-14)

Net Heights

  • Open Men (Premier, and Divisions 1-3) - 2.43m
  • Open Women (Premier, and Divisions 1-2) - 2.24m
  • Boys - Senior - 2.35m
  • Boys - Intermediate - 2.35m
  • Boys - Junior - 2.15m
  • Girls - Senior - 2.15m
  • Girls - Intermediate - 2.15m
  • Girls - Junior - 2.10m

COVID Cleaning Requirements

COVID rules have relaxed quite a bit since last year, however we ask that duty teams conduct a quick clean of the court area following their game. This includes:

  • Wiping the bench
  • Wiping the nets
  • Cleaning the ball
  • Throwing away any rubbish

Cleaning supplies will be provided on all score benches. This year we cannot provide extra time for cleaning between games.


Teams are expected to do a number of duties as allocated in the draw. They will be shared around as fairly as possible. This generally requires six team members (Referee, Second ref, Scorer x 2, Lineperson x 2). Points may be deducted per duty person missing in each duty. Please do your best to meet all of your commitments to make it a good weekend for everybody. Some referees in lower divisions will be reffing for the first time, so please be forgiving of them.


Refs and second refs will need whistles. We do NOT provide second hand whistles for health reasons. We will have a few whistles for sale at $5 each, at each venue's tournament office. Please be prepared.


Jerseys do not have to match but all players must have unique numbers, preferably visible from the front and back, so that refs and scorers can do their job. Your team may be penalised for no numbers and identical numbers! Adding or modifying an existing number with strapping tape etc is acceptable.

Pre-Printed Score Sheets

We will use your first scoresheet to pre-print your team member's names onto all future scoresheets. So that we get them right, please print them nice and neatly on the scoresheet for your first game. If you don't write names clearly, be prepared to deal with the consequences :)

Other things

Team Availability

We would like your team to make an effort to be available for the whole weekend, but if that is not possible we expect that you have indicated as such on your nomination form (under Draw considerations). Brisbane teams are generally expected to play as scheduled.
  • We will attempt to take into consideration the needs of our School-aged teams (school sport, study time, early night) and travelling teams.
  • Times shown in the draw are when warm up starts. The game starts 10 minutes after that.

First Aid

First aid officers will be available throughout the day at each venue to help with any injuries you sustain or strapping required.


We are aiming to have canteens at each venue. To be confirmed.


You can ask questions about the tournament, rules etc at the venue manager's office. We ask that your captains and coaches aim to be familiar with general information, tournament rules, and late breaking info from our website. If unsure please ask.